The Ultimate Solution to Reduce Bacteria, Viruses & Mold

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With Hygiene Merit advanced disinfecting products or service, your facility can have up to a 99.9% microbe-free surfaces where ever our Mobile Room Sanitizer is deployed. UV Infection control devices are used in conjunction with your regular cleaning services to insure a significantly safer condition. In today’s continuously changing environments it has become even more important than ever to effectively disinfect surface-to-air pathogens and infectious microbes. The Mobile Room Sanitizer will deliver exactly this protection to its users by rapidly, efficiently and effectively reducing harmful microbes on surfaces and in the air with the simple use of UV-C energy.

Data reveals that only 50% of surfaces within a patient room are disinfected at terminal cleaning. More importantly, several prior studies show that inadequate terminal cleaning of rooms occupied by patients with MDR (multidrug resistant) pathogens places the next patient in these rooms at increased risk of acquiring these organisms.
 – Dr. William A. Rutala, Ph.D., M.P.H, (UNC Health Care System)
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