Better Infection Control Starts with Hygiene Merit

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In 2006, an estimated 53.4 million surgical and non-surgical procedures were performed during 34.7 million ambulatory surgery visits. Of those 34.7 million visits, 57% occurred in hospitals and 43% occurred in freestanding ASCs. The rate of visits to freestanding ASCs increased about 300% from 1996 to 2006, whereas the rate of visits to hospital-based surgery centers remained largely unchanged. Infection prevention challenges have never been greater as ASCs strive to move patients in & out quickly while keeping patient safety a top priority. Hygiene Merit (HM) has focused special attention on infection prevention practices in ASCs.

Working together with our customers we are reducing infection rates and improving patient outcomes. At HM we take healthcare cleaning solutions to a higher level through our commitment to creating healthier environments with state of the art technologies (UVC) and supplies (hospital grade disinfectants) delivered by caring experts who are driven to making common areas uncommonly clean and safe.
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