Ricardo A. Gonzalez

Through his extensive business connections he developed in Mexico, he saw the opportunity to expand a company’s base of operations from Monterrey, Mexico into Texas. This experience helped him understand how to build a U.S. cleaning operations. More importantly, it showed him the importance of hiring and retaining the best custodial workers. In April of 2014, he left this firm to form Hygiene Merit. His team help their medical clients engage in the ongoing battle against healthcare acquired infections (HAI) by making their common areas uncommonly clean and safe. In 2011, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that improper cleaning of medical facilities and their equipment caused nearly 750,000 HAI-based infections. The CDC also reported that 10% died from those infectious diseases.

In March of 2016, news reports detailed how the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources sent out 2,300 letters to patients at a heart clinic advising them to get tested for a possible hepatitis outbreak. Several days later, other new agencies reported how several clinic’s patients and their lawyers had filed a possible class action lawsuit against the clinic for possible exposure to the disease. If you manage or own a medical facility, you want to avoid the news headlines or potential lawsuits arising from these kind of HAI issues. With an extensive educational and professional background in chemistry, Ricardo leads a medical cleaning team that can help mitigate patients’ possible exposure to HAI infections.

What makes Hygiene Merit different from others who clean small to midsized medical facilities? They start by providing prospective clients with a HAI audit where they test their common areas for bacteria that may cause infection.  For example, their inspection often locates bacteria causing viruses on computer keyboards, telephones or light switches.

After they conduct their evaluations, they provide prospective clients with a report detailing what their equipment has located in their common areas.  Next, they use hospital grade cleaning supplies that disinfect all common areas.  Their growing team of employees is committed to their mission to provide exceptional cleaning services to their customers.

They understand their key role in eliminating possible bacterial exposures by taking the extra steps to use the right processes to clean their customers’ facilities.